Noam Chomsky discussed the difficulty in finding journalists that “used their brains”, referring to the ones who analysed the world, or the US with lucidity. He argued that US media is overwhelmingly uniform and overwhelmingly unplugged from reality, serving the economic interests of corporations rather than reporting reality.

For Chomsky the major media institutions are great corporations, some of them parts of mega-corporations. Like other businesses, they sell a product to a market. The product that they sell is audiences. The market is other corporations, because they survive pretty much on advertising in the modern period. It wasn’t always like this. There are other external influences, primarily state power, which itself is very heavily under corporate control, and which has its own propaganda institutions. The words of Chomsky can guide those who “want to live in truth,” as Vaclav Havel puts it. Recalling and acting upon Chomsky’s words are more needed now than ever when the media is keen on not showing us an alternative picture of the world.