FAISALABAD      -        Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Railways Mian Farrukh Habib has said that the precautionary measures can be taken responsibly to avoid the corona virus fears.

He said that the government led by Prime Minister Imran Khan using limited resources wisely, it is taking steps to protect citizens from the coronavirus.

But there are still dangers that need to be tackled together, he said, adding that those industries and businesses that the government has allowed should follow the SOPs. He further said that if we fail, the consequences can be dangerous.

 He said that the Prime Minister has always tried to give maximum privileges to the middle class.

The government is facing economic challenges along with corona, he added. He said this is not a time for political scoring but to deal with the problems and challenges facing the nation.  He said that the people stand united with the government, but the opposition is not refraining from flaunting its political stance even in the current crisis.  He said that difficult decisions are not being taken happily but in compulsion.

DC pays surprise visit

to Corona Crisis

Management Cell

Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali paid a surprise visit to the Corona Crisis Management Cell set up in the DC Office on Monday and checked the attendance of the staff. 

He asked the staff to demonstrate responsibility and immediate response be given to any minor information.

He said that precautionary measures against corona virus have been taken with vigilance in which there is no room for any kind of negligence.

He also advised the staff to keep an eye on the media reports along with the received phone calls and take immediate action on the reports.

 He said that the shift in-charges of the management cell should be vigilant not only to themselves but also to the concerned staff and they should be aware of the situation of coronavirus. 

For any complain, phone numbers 0419201491 and 0419201492 are functional for exchanging information related to coronavirus.