The coronavirus epidemic is still nowhere close to ending and the government has been extending the lockdown every week. According to health experts of WHO, the worst is yet to come. But what can one do keep oneself safe? I went to the market the other day to buy grocery and to my surprise, there was no semblance lockdown in the city. People were out on the roads as if there was no pandemic and as if there is rather something to celebrate. There was hardly any person wearing a mask. How on earth will this disease stop if we do not practice social distancing? Countries all over the world are taking strict measures to control the spread but we Pakistanis have no fear at all.

There is another issue going on these days regarding conducting traweeh and prayers in Masjids. People, especially elderly ones, need to understand the severity of this disease and that it affects older and weak people more quickly. If they won’t practice social distancing, they have to pay the price with their life. Allah will surely accept their prayers even if they do so in their homes. The health department in Punjab is undertaking great measures to stop the transmission of the virus and also creating awareness in people of Punjab as it is the most affected province in Pakistan.

Moreover, the food department is also making sure that safe and pure food reaches people during Ramzan and SOPs are strictly followed during the preparation of food. If everyone will do their part to stop the disease, it will surely come to an end sooner. You are not just saving yourself, you’re saving hundreds around you as well.