LAHORE - In view of the ongoing politicking over floods, the shoe-hurling episode in London and some significant developments taking place in the recent by-elections in Punjab, the PPP has devised a new strategy to confront the PML-N in future. According to the new policy, which has already started unfolding in the form of certain moves made by the PPP on the political chess, the policy of reconciliation with the PML-N is to continue, but not at the cost of vital interests that the party wants to safeguard in Punjab. Background discussions with some PPP leaders have revealed that as per the new stratagem, it has been decided at the top most level that no big concessions will be made to the PML-N in future, especially in Punjab, just for the sake of appeasement. In case of by-elections, there exists an understanding between the two parties that they would not field candidates against each other if the seat has been vacated by a candidate belonging to either of parties. The PPP will continue to abide by this agreement, but in respect of open seats, it will fight tooth and nail to grab them to the extent of taking a confrontation with the rival party if it tried to use state machinery to rig the ballot. A PPP insider told this scribe that need to review party policy towards the PML-N arose after the relations between the two parties had gone sour following a series of events taking place one after the other. The ongoing politicking over floods is actually the outcome of the bitterness already created between the two parties in the by-elections and the shoe-hurling incident in London, he observed. The PPP holds PML-N responsible for masterminding the event to malign President Asif Ali Zardari. In the last by-elections held in three districts of Punjab - Lodhran, Sargodha and Guj-ranwala - the PPP showed its muscles, giving clear signals to the PML-N that it was determined to have its share of cake in Punjab. The PPP has levelled allegations of rigging against the PML-N, and the recent controversial transfer of DIG, Gujranwala, Zulfikar Cheema is also being seen in this perspective. The PPP circles are of the considered opinion that Mr Cheema has been shown the gate for his non-cooperation with local PML-N leaders to facilitate victory of their candidate. The PML-N, on the other hand, has accused the PPP of enlisting the support of DIG Cheema to pave way for triumph of its candidate in Gujranwala. The federal govt has also awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz to Cheema, though on the recommendations of Punjab government. The two rivals in Punjab are heading for another show down in NA-184 (Bahawalpur) on September 4. In the words of a political expert, the coming electoral battle in Bahawalpur may prove to be a clash of titans if the two parties dont adhere to the code of conduct set for the elections. Political observers are of the view that the two parties are treading on a tight rope, steadily heading towards confrontation, which, they predict, would reach its culmination after a year or so when the demand for fresh elections would get impetus.