CHITRAL - At least 40 personnel of security forces were killed and several others got injured when hundreds of armed militants from Afghanistan launched a cross-border raid on Pakistani paramilitary posts in district Chitral in the wee hours of Saturday. As many as 20 militants were also killed in the attack. Hundreds of armed militants from Nuristan and Kunar provinces of Afghanistan attacked several security checkposts at Arund, a locality along the Afghan border. Resultantly, some 40 security forces men were killed including 26 personnel of the Chitral Scouts, 10 border guards and four FC soldiers, officials said on condition of anonymity. It is feared that number of casualties may rise. Locals said that it was Sehr time, when about 500 militants from across the border of Kunar and Nuristan provinces attacked seven FC checkposts including Langor Batt, Godibar, Kauti, Arsoon, Mir Kahni and Damir. Some other sources put the number of militants at around 2,000 to 3,000 who attacked the Pakistani checkposts reportedly wearing the uniform of Afghan army. The Pakistani forces retaliated and exchanged fire with the militants for hours with heavy and small weapons. However, it was not confirmed that how many of them have either been killed or injured in the gun battle, which lasted for hours. From Darosh to Arund area, curfew was imposed in 40-kilometer area, due to which, hundreds of passengers trapped, who were either on their way from Peshawar to Chitral or from Chitral to Peshawar, the locals said. There are different reports about the attackers, however, it is strongly believed that they had escaped the Swat operation and moved to Afghanistan and are now attacking Pakistani checkposts. It was not the first attack as militants had also targeted security posts in Dir Upper on June 1 and 6, killing dozens of police and Levies men. Meanwhile, the ISPR said that at least 25 security forces personnel including 16 Frontier Scouts, 4 policemen and 5 Levies have been martyred when 200-300 terrorists from across the border from Kunar and Nuristan attacked seven FC checkposts in Chitral Saturday morning. The security personnel defended the posts by engaging the attackers and reportedly 20 terrorists were killed. Reinforcements have been sent to beef up the border posts. The ISPR further said that reportedly terrorists from Swat, Dir, and Bajaur organised by Fazlullah and Maulvi Faqir Muhammad with local Afghans attacked the security forces posts in Chitral. Since their expulsion from their native areas, the terrorists have organised themselves in Kunar and Nuristan in Afghanistan with the support of local authorities. Due to scanty presence of Nato and ANA forces along the Pak-Afghan border, the terrorists are using these areas as safe havens and have mounted repeated attacks against the security forces posts and isolated villages. It is pertinent to mention that since last one year accurate intelligence about large concentration of terrorists from Pakistan and their local Afghan supporters in Kunar and Nuristan has been shared with Nato and Afghan authorities but no positive action has been taken against the terrorists. Agencies add: Reportedly, terrorists from Swat, Dir and Bajaur organised by Fazlullah and Maulvi Faqir Mohammad with local Afghans have attacked the security forces posts, a military statement said. Pakistani security personnel defended the posts by engaging the attackers and reportedly 20 terrorists were killed. However, two border posts were overrun by the terrorists. Troops blew up two bridges in the border region to stem the militants incursion as fighting was still ongoing Saturday afternoon, the military said. Scanty presence of Nato and Afghan forces along the border has enabled militants to use these areas as safe havens and launch repeated attacks inside Pakistan, the military said. Pakistan blames Afghanistan for giving refuge to militants on its side of the border after they were evicted from their strongholds in Pakistani tribal regions. The terrorists have organised themselves in Kunar and Nuristan (Afghan) provinces with the support of local Afghan authorities, the military statement said. Intelligence about the presence of Pakistani militants and their Afghan supporters had been passed to Nato and Afghan authorities, the statement said. But no worthwhile action has been taken against the terrorists and attack against Pakistani border posts have continued with impunity, it said. APP adds: Pakistan on Saturday lodged protest to the Afghan Government over attacks from Kunar and Nooristan against seven Pakistani checkposts in Chitral earlier on Saturday in which 25 security forces personnel embraced shahadat. The Afghan Charge dAffairs was called in at the Foreign Ministry to lodge a protest on the attacks and was conveyed the imperative of establishing peace and tranquility in the border region and effectively dealing with terrorists, a Foreign Office statement issued here on Saturday said. The activities of the terrorists are a matter of great concern to both the governments and peoples of Pakistan and Afghanistan. They cannot be allowed to continue such blatant attacks from across the border. It is Pakistans expectation that ISAF and the Afghan National Army would take effective measures to prevent such incursions by militants from safe havens from across the border in Kunar and Nooristan and to enhance border security, the statement added.