Whereas the new Egyptian Government is eyeing a plan to build a $ 2 billion Science city in the desert as visualized by a Nobel laureate Egyptian named Ahmed Zewail supported by the army. This would energize Egyptian research and technology on a war footing while we in Pakistan are caught up in bickering wherein the appointments of new Vice Chancellors of public sector universities is taking more than six months with no end in sight. Meanwhile the incumbent VCs are continuing with the resulting stagnation in the working of universities as the indecisiveness in appointing the new VCs creates an aura of lack of motives for development when no one is sure as to who would head the universities? A meeting ought to be held between the CM and the governor as chancellor to iron out the differences so that the air of uncertainty can be dissipated to infuse a burst of energy in the universities. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, August 27.