The IPPs have warned to cut off electricity during Eid days in case their dues are not paid by the federal government. Reportedly, nine power companies have sent notices to the government demanding an immediate settlement. Of course, the plea that it is becoming almost impossible to run their plants because of the non-payment of their dues for the past so many months is quite understandable. The PPP-led setup ought to pay the money it owes these power companies without any delay. However, it is obvious that at the end of the day it would be the public that would suffer if the dues were not paid. Why should the public be victimised especially at a time when they would be celebrating the Eid? This is a once-in-a-year moment for the people to celebrate. Therefore, one cannot help thinking that the IPPs have not selected the right time to switch off the supply of power. While one understands that they do require the government to pay them the money without which they find it hard to operate their plants, one expects them to show sensitivity to the peoples sufferings and defer their move till after the Eid festivities have come to an end. The government must put its house in order. It is criminal that it has not paid the IPPs dues for long knowing full well that one day their reaction would affect the people. Could there be anything more callous?