It is extremely disturbing to hear about the murder of 5 Pakistanis by Afghan bandits in Paktia. These poor people must be trying to cross over to Parachinar through Paktia. First of all it is a matter of shame for us as a nation that our own people cross over to Afghanistan and then they try to cross back to Kurram agency in order to find a safe passage. It is a fact that travelling within the Pashtun belt in Pakistan is not as much safe as it used to be some time ago. Why is it so? The common reason is the incidence of kidnappings and lawlessness. The trend of kidnappings has risen to new heights. It has become a profession now. In the settled areas big mafias under the supervision of powerful politicians are working in this field whereas in the tribal areas the lone groups are active too along with the mafias. One of the biggest reason of lawlessness in the Pashtun belt is the lack of any law and order in the tribal areas of Pakistan. The recent military operations had no impact in this regard as it is basically an administrative system that is lacking. Fata has been left to lawlessness by the Pakistani state and this is the reason the whole region is reverting back to rule of the gun or might is right. There is a debate in the media these days about the creation of a new provinces in Fata. Ironically the ANP led government in the northwest is opposed to the idea of creation of a new province. If they have any love for their brethren living in the tribal areas, they would never oppose a proper administrative system for them and would have mercy on the socio-economic and overall conditions of the tribal people. A new administrative system in Fata is a must. Any delay in this regard will definitely prolong the godforsaken wilderness there. The government of Pakistan must seriously consider this issue and instead of opening one after another military fronts there, should introduce an effective administrative system. There is no harm in making Fata a province. It has eight administrative agencies and there must be a different but proper governmental rule in Fata. It must have its own governor, its own representative assembly and its own police as well as education and health system. Only then can Fata become a progressive part of Pakistan. Any more further military operations there would alienate the people of Fata from Pakistan which is already happening. AHMAD KAMAL KHATTAK, Peshawar, August 27.