On Friday Youmul Quds was observed around the globe by the Muslims to express their outrage at the forcible occupation of Al-Quds by Isreal and solidarity with the Palestinians, who are being constantly subjected to the Jewish states acts of terrorism. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, except for a few small rallies largely arranged by members of a religious group, almost all political parties showed absolute disinterest in registering their protest. A rally was also taken out in occupied Kashmir, which should be appreciated. Although the Palestinian leadership often ignores the plight of Kashmiris and goes soft on India, the Kashmiris have still not forgotten about Palestinians. A lot is common between both the people; they are victims of the worst kind of state terrorism and denied their right to live as free people. The Indian security forces are no less brutal in their suppression of the people of Kashmir. It is the duty of the conscientious people from around the world to come forward in their support of the Palestinians. After so many decades, the dispute still lingers due to the intransigence of Israel to hold on to the Palestinian lands. Indeed it is gobbling up the remaining territory through illegal settlements backed by the US. Currently, the resentment prevailing in the Muslim world against the West is to a great extent because of Palestine and Kashmir. And there can be no lasting peace without a just resolution of these festering conflicts.