A YOUNG runaway bride from Kerala, India, is being chased by police after leaving countless men with broken hearts and empty pockets.

Shahanaz, believed to be 33, has allegedly married over a dozen men in the last few years.

Though some reports claimed she has ‘married’ over 50 times, officials claim that only 15 have surfaced.

Shahanaz first married approximately 11 years ago to a man named Siddique, with whom she had a child.

However, her marriage-spree only came to light when two of her husbands approached the Chennai Police and follow up complaints were made by several other victims.

A total of seven formal complaints have now been made against her but it is possible many more embarrassed victims exist.

The first to submit a complaint was a Manikandan, 24, who works at a car showroom.

Shahanaz told him she was in search of a man that had cheated on her friend after promising to marry her.

According to the Indian Express, the two spoke many times over the phone and soon became close.

She told him that she was orphaned early in life and claimed to be an advocate at the Madras High Court. She also said that she was studying for civil service examinations.

The two got married in April without the approval of Manikandan’s parents.

Two months later, Shahanaz convinced Manikandan that she needed to stay in a women’s hostel so that she could prepare for civil service.

Manikandan claimed he sold the jewels he had bought for the wedding so that Shahanaz had some money to take with her when she left.

Two weeks later, she went missing from the hostel and is yet to be traced.

As the city police started probing the case, another person, Prasanna, a district level football player, came forward saying he too had married her some years ago.

Once again she cited civil service preparations as a reason to move into a hostel and then disappeared with his valuables

According to Prasanna, there was an incident when another person claimed that Shahanaz was his wife and approached the police.

The inspector at the women’s police station questioned both parties, but allowed Shahanaz to go with Prasanna after the woman told the officials that the other person, Suresh, was a just a friend while Prasanna was her husband.

The couple also produced a photo album of their marriage to strengthen their claim.

Police have now found out that Shahanaz has also married others including: a Rajesh, a Chandrababu and a Saravanan. More names are still emerging.

Police are now pursuing the thief and they suspect she may have been involved in other criminal activities as well.–DM