Karachi –Law enforcement agencies claimed to have arrested 15 target killers, extortionists and criminals in various raids conducted in different areas of the metropolis on Monday.

Special Investigation Unit claim to have arrested at least five men allegedly involved in extortion, target killings and street crimes. The suspects included Noman Rasheed, Imran, Amir Iqbal, Malik Imran and Adnan. According to SIU officials, the suspects were taken into the custody during separate raids in parts of the city and a repeater and four pistols were also recovered from their possession. Police officials also said that the accused basically belonged to a dacoit group and had been involved in over 35 cases of robberies, adding that they were also involved in various cases of target killings, extortion and street crime while further investigation was underway.

Separately, North Nazimabad police detained at least 10 suspects during targeted search operation in Kauser Niazi Colony. The entire locality was cordoned off during the operation and no one was allowed to go in or out during the operation. Police officials said that the operation was conducted on the information based on police intelligence, adding that weapons were also recovered from the possession of a few suspects. The suspects were shifted to undisclosed location for further investigation.