One wonders what the purpose of the Indo-Pak Parliamentarians dialogue recently held in New Delhi was, if the main issues bedevilling the bilateral ties were to be left unsaid. A sad reflection of the general attitude of casualness from the ruling classes towards serious matters!

PPP leader Jehangir Badar’s apologetic explanation to the press that the main disputes would be discussed in the next conference is disappointing and so was the presence of seemingly articulate legislator of PML-N Khurram Dastagir. Exactly this is true of the official composite dialogue dragging on between the two neighbours for so long, where the rival delegates go for photo-ops and handshakes and refrain from talking about the real issues that keep the two countries apart. In fact, as reported in the media, the stress of the conference was on New Delhi’s favourite subject of cross border terrorism and the measures Islamabad was taking in rooting it out. How long can the contentious issues between the two nuclear armed states be delayed without registering their impact in the form of a confrontation, no one knows. Consider the reports making it to the press from time to time about instances of both the countries going as far as stepping right onto the threshold of a dangerous clash and the complacency of leaving these issues unresolved becomes a veritable horror.