LALAMUSA - The police killed one of the fleeing dacoits after they gunned down an Afghan refugee during a dacoity attempt here the other day.

The deceased identified as Rozy Khan was shot dead by two dacoits when he was grazing his sheep herd in nearby fields.

Reportedly, he was a resident of Mauza Aadoo-Wal Khurd, a hamlet in the remit of Rehmania Police. He resisted the dacoits besides raising hue and cry which enraged the accused who allegedly opened fire, killing him on the spot.

Meanwhile, the police rushed to the scene. On seeing the police, the killer took to heals and holed up in sugarcane fields. While the police chasing them also reached there and cordoned the area.

The accused were asked to surrender but instead they opened fire which was retaliated. Resultantly, one of the dacoit was killed while the other made good his escape. Further investigation is in progress.