LAHORE– PML-N President Mian Nawaz Sharif on Monday blasted the government over repeated requests to the Supreme Court for more time in the NRO case and said the government was in fact ridiculing judiciary and the country by repeating the same demand.

Talking to reporters at the residence of film star Zeba, Nawaz said the Dogar court, in fact, was still closer to the heart of the government, adding that they could not digest the restoration of the present independent judiciary, which was working according to the law and the Constitution.

Had the government also practised the same, the situation would have been different, he added.

On the question of creating new provinces, the PML-N chief also came down hard on the PPP-led government and said it was not serious about the new provinces and wanted to use the matter as a gimmick to win the elections after a poor performance in the four and a half years of rule.

Nawaz lamented that the way adopted by the government on new provinces was not proper as it neither took the PML-N into confidence nor held consultation on the names for the commission established for the purpose.

The people from other provinces were also included in the commission which had not been mandated for creating Hazara and other provinces which were also a urgently required.

“After the federal government failed to perform well, it has decided to exploit the provinces issue as a stunt to win the elections but this trick will not work to win the government next elections,” he maintained.

He stressed on public feedback on the creation of new provinces.

Nawaz said current attitude of the government towards judiciary was highly regrettable. “The government has learnt not lesson from the past,” he said, adding that its politics of deception would not work anymore.

With an obvious reference to PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Nawaz lashed out at his statement of achieving a turnaround from the present bad situation within 90 days and said politicians must speak the truth to the people as gone were the days when the masses could be duped through mere sweet words.

On the question of consultation by the government on caretaker set up for the next elections, Nawaz counted it as a credit of his party that it obliged the government to amend the Constitution government for an independent Election Commission and the caretaker set up which, he added, were indispensable to ensure free and fair elections in the country.

“After achieving the end of appointing an independent CEC, the PML-N is reflecting on some suggestions on the interim set up and that would be made public after the homework is completed,” he disclosed.

To a question on the conditions agreed for the return of Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khosa to the party, Nawaz vehemently denied that Khosa had ever left the party or conditions were set for his comeback. He laughed off the answer to a question on PTI leader Javed Hashmi’s statement against the PML-N and said only Hashmi could know the reason behind it.

Meanwhile, Nawaz told a delegation of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) that his party believed in the supremacy of law and complete independence of judiciary.

“The PML-N takes decisions keeping in view the interest of the nation and the country only,” he informed the visitors led by SCBA President Yasin Azad.

Nawaz emphasised removing deprivations the people of Balochistan in order to achieve durable peace and stability in that province.

He also pledged full support to the SCBA for resolving the Balochistan problems. He said bringing the people and leaders of Balochistan to national mainstream was a guarantee for a stable and strong Pakistan and the PML-N was in touch with Baloch leaders in this regard.

Nawaz asked the bar to submit proposals on making appointment of judges more transparent. He said in the past, PML-N had proposed that the SCBA president should be an ex-officio member of Parliamentary Committee for Appointment of Judges but PPP government opposed it.

Yasin Azad said the lawyers’ community recognised the struggle of PML-N for the independence of judiciary. He informed Nawaz that the SCBA was arranging another conference jointly with the local leadership of Balochistan on September 9 in Quetta so that progress could be made for the resolution of Balochistan problems.