LAHORE – Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said on Monday that the ruling PML-N government had implemented a revolutionary development agenda for the welfare of the masses and a number of development projects had been launched throughout the province.

Talking to a delegation of PML-N office-bearers and workers, Shahbaz Sharif said a new culture of transparency and merit had been introduced in the province. He maintained a phase-wise improvement had been made in the education, health, infrastructure and other sectors under a comprehensive strategy. “When we assumed power, the major hurdle in our way was the corruption of the previous government in every sector,” he added.

The chief minister said status-quo, corruption, plunder and dishonesty were rampant but the Punjab government steadfastly eradicated these social menaces under the leadership of PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif. “The ‘graveyards’ of maladministration have been converted into development minarets through good governance,” claimed Shahbaz, adding that international institutions like the Transparency International have lauded good governance in Punjab.

Shahbaz said corruption and malpractices had been eliminated through the promotion of good governance in Punjab. “Even after four-and-a-half-years, there is no accusation of corruption against the Punjab government; rather, we are proud of pursuing the policies of merit and transparency.”

The PML-N government did not believe in assuming power for the sake of power; it considered power as the best source of service to the people, Shahbaz held. “If intentions are sincere and direction is correct, even difficult tasks could become easy.”

The chief minister said millions of of people, especially the youth, were benefitting from the revolutionary steps taken by the Punjab government. “Comprehensive and concrete measures have been adopted during the current year for solving the problems created by the unexpected outbreak of dengue virus last year,” he added.

The government machinery had been fully activated with the cooperation of elected representatives, PML-N workers and common people, said Shahbaz, adding every possible step was being taken for the protection of human lives. He said the experience gained by the departments concerned for controlling dengue attack last year was being used for courageously facing this fatal virus.

The chief minister said the Emergency Response Committees set up in various towns of the provincial capital were taking steps for eradication of dengue larvae at suspected places. He said now the situation was under control and hoped that this menace would be overcome by changing the social approach with the cooperation of people in future as well.