LAHORE - PR - Brigadier (retd) Abdul Qayyum Sher, Hilal-e-Jurrat, the most highly decorated living war veteran of 1965 War, died after protracted illness here on Tuesday. Despite his 94-year age, he was still actively working as Senior Executive Member of National Society for Rehabilitation of Disabled. The epic  action of  Sher to re-capture Wagah position occupied by the Indian army on the other side of BRB Canal is considered as exemplary in Indo-Pakistan military history.  

Sher personally led the counter offensive on enemy position and led his force with such a speed and valour that enemy, despite numerical superiority had to retreat leaving behind over 200 dead and 5 tanks knocked out. He kept up the momentum and recovered most of the lost territory by throwing the enemy off-balance.

Thus, the enemy finally succumbed to the determination and courage of his troops. The enemy put in over 20 fresh attacks to recapture the position but all the attempts were repulsed with heavy losses to them.

Brigadier Sher displayed high leadership courage and spirit throughout the operations. His swift manoeuvre surprised the enemy commander Major General Narandan Parsad, who fled leaving behind his jeep and official diary. The coward general was later sacked by the Indian high command.