What a shame to see aerial firing flouted brazenly and blatantly by those celebrating the success of their political elected members in different parts of the country. The least the Election Commission (EC) can do is to get FIRs registered against these law breakers and let the courts decide the matter, if they can! The best way to stop this practice would, however be to declare the results of the winning candidate ‘Null and Void’ for their failing to stop their admirers from resorting to such a dangerous practice. I can assure all that if it is done in only one case it will eliminate the practice for ever.

Let me tell them about it being done by the (late) Lt Gen. Fazle Haq, the then Governor of the Frontier Province and how effective it was. Aerial firing was a regular practice in those days during weddings and at times ‘professional’ firing teams were hired by the groom’s party to celebrate the occasion. The Governor had ordered that if any such aerial firing took place the groom and his father would be taken into custody and kept behind bars for thirty days.

As luck would have it, soon a politically influential family got involved and the groom and his father were put in the lock up. After about three or four days the SSP Peshawar, finding the Governor in a good mood at Peshawar Airport, where he had come to receive the visiting PM (Mr. Junejo) pleaded for the release of the groom and his father, those who were within hearing distance heard the General rebuke the SSP and added thirty more days to their sentence! Now, who would dare fire a single shot even on weddings and so on? But can we find someone of that caliber, among our present day political leaders who are only making rules which are for their personal gain rather than the betterment of the common man. I am waiting for one good law or bill to be passed!


Rawalpindi, August 23.