QUETTA - Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik has sought guidance and suggestions from the Provincial Assembly Members for improving law and order.

Responding to speeches of the various MPAs, mainly Opposition leader, the CM said they had criticized the government and not come up with concrete suggestions instead during the session. He said he would appreciate if the members proposed viable suggestions for improving law and order. “We’ll definitely use the suggestions while formulating law and order policy,” Dr Malik told the Assembly members.

Taking the floor, PML-Q MPA Sheikh Jaffar Mandokhel claimed that some world powers are involved in destabilising the Balochistan situation. “Such elements have made Balochistan as their battleground after the assassination of Nawab Akbar Bugti,” the MPA from Zhob told the House. There is the menace of sectarianism and foreign powers are trying to ignite the situation by extending their support to some local groups, he added. However, he did not mention or identify the groups receiving foreign assistance.

Jaffar Mandokhel, an erstwhile Finance Minister of Balochistan, was of the view that law and order issue could not be resolved with mere speeches and passing resolutions or through acts of recriminations. He said, “Our highways are not safe for travel and there is an upsurge in crime rate, forcing the people to migrate from Balochistan.” He said that effects of Afghan civil war are being felt in the province.

JUI MPA Ghulam Muhammad Dhumar deplored the deteriorating law and order situation, saying that the FC is drawing double salary from the Federal and Provincial Governments and still the highways are no safe for travel. He claimed 28 secret agencies, working in Balochistan, have failed to contain the drifting law and order situation. He said the people are being killed in target shooting and vehicles laden with explosives are used to attack the masses and government installations. He advised the Balochistan government to upgrade local forces, mainly Balochistan Constabulary, Police and Levies for better maintenance of law and order.

Opposition leader Maulana Abdul Wasey was of the view that if the government acted on the advice of the members, the law and order situation would considerably be improved. Referring to newspaper reports, he claimed 375 people lost their lives and about 47 mutilated bodies were found during the past two months or since the present government was formed.

Maulana Wasey said that the government should hold genuine parleys with the Baloch militants and it should not be used as a public relation exercise which was also done during the past PPP-led coalition.

Ms Yasmin Lehri, Shahida Rauf, Abdul Karim Nausherwani and Liaquat Agha also spoke on law and order situation.

Earlier, responding to an adjournment motion tabled by JUI-F member Mufti Ghulab about the outbreak of diseases and lack of medicines in flood-hit areas of the province especially in Zhob, the CM said that all available resources are being used to control epidemics in the affected areas. He said the health secretary had been directed to ensure the provision of medicines in the flood affected areas, particularly of gastro and snake bite aid medicines.