ISLAMABAD - The Kashmir is not only the core issue of South Asia and the Muslim World but is also one of the important issues of the globe.

Chairman Muslim Institute Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali stated this while addressing a seminar on "Kashmir: Question of Justice" organised by the

Muslim Institute here at a local hotel on Tuesday. Politicians, former diplomats and eminent scholars addressed the seminar.

He said although international organisations ask Pakistan and India for the dialogue on Kashmir on humanitarian basis as well as on political grounds and offer to play role in this regard which is a good offer, yet the alarming situation is that why the international organisations and world powers do not condemn the state-sponsored terrorism in Kashmir.

If the leading personalities of the international organisations are not going to raise voice against the state-sponsored terrorism in Kashmir, the trust of people of this region on the international organisations may be lost. Like the implementation of human rights international conventions in rest of the world, it should be implemented in Kashmir. The organisations talking against discriminations will commit discrimination by themselves if they do not talk on human crisis of Kashmir.

Former Prime Minister Azad Jammu & Kashmir Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan said that on 15 August 1947 there was flag of Pakistan on government buildings in all around the Kashmir. Postage letters dispatched from Srinagar on 15 August had stamp of Pakistan. "Unfortunately we do not have consistent policy on Kashmir," he added.

He said, "India is doing research to justify his wrong stance but we are not doing work on our right stance. We are doing much work on fault finding and now we should work on good will. India is making dams illegally and then releases more water in rivers driving flood season." He further said that the government should do all types of dialogue to solve the issue of Kashmir and take stand on the UN resolutions. "European Union took action on mass graves in Kashmir but we did not work to raise the issue on international issue," he added.