Katy Perry composed Roar to encourage people to get out of their own way.

The 28-year-old singer divorced comedian Russell Brand last summer and is now in a happy relationship with musician John Mayer.

But she has confessed that although she kept up appearances in public, privately she underwent some serious personal reflection after the break-up.

“For a while, even though I was coming off as totally with it, professionally and everything, maybe I was a little immature personally,” Katy told Access Hollywood. “And so I finally just started garnering strength, and that’s [when] I wrote [Roar]. [It’s] about… becoming stronger and speaking up for myself and making myself roar, essentially.”

The British singer released Roar from her forthcoming album Prism and claims she wants it to move her fans to be more self-confident.

“The inspiration behind that song is just about speaking up for yourself,” she explained.

“And not letting yourself get in the way because… everybody talks about bullying and things like that and while that is important, sometimes you are your own biggest bully. Sometimes, you are the person that gets in the way of everything — your success, your personal relationships.”

Katy and John have been in an on/off romance since August 2012 and it is rumoured the pair have been discussing marriage.

But insiders say that Katy isn’t interested in another wedding anytime soon.

“John wants to make a proper commitment to Katy and close friends think it’s only a matter of time before he gets down on one knee,” a source divulged to British magazine Star recently.

“But Katy doesn’t want to rush into anything, as she thinks that’s what went wrong with Russell. Their divorce was only finalised last year so it’s still raw. She isn’t prepared to go through that trauma again.”