Minister for IT and Telecommunications Anusha Rahman has threatened to block even Google, one of the largest search engines in addition to the YouTube ban already in place. Anusha Rahman was sworn in as minister of state on June 7, 2013 in the first batch of PML-N ministers and was elected as member of national assembly on women’ reserved seats from Punjab. It seems that PML-N has given a free hand to the lady to impose her own will on the cyberspace with no checks.

Her refusal to lift the ban on the YouTube is hurting many researchers, academics and students all over the country. It is learnt that the Google team stayed in Pakistan for a week requesting a meeting to resolve the issue of the ban imposed on YouTube but she refused to meet them. This is the height of insult to millions of internet users across the country and is hurting our reputation across the world. Can the social media wake-up and push the PML-N leadership to induce some sanity among its members or is it asking too much from the IT friendly laptop distribution party?

It seems as if we are bound to be known in the world as the leading blah blah blah or something. I am sure the Americans will find a word that explains countries that block social websites!


Islamabad, August 23.