KARACHI: NIB Bank announced financial Results for the H1 2013. Importantly, the Bank has posted H1 2013 revenue of Rs 2.96 billion, representing not only a 21pc growth over H1 2012 but an impressive revenue growth in the last six quarters. This translated into a record pre-tax profit of Rs 1.004 billion, compared to a pre-tax loss of Rs 154 million in H1 2012.

Pre-tax profit of Rs 1.004 billion as against pre-tax loss of Rs 154 million in H1 2012 Total revenue increased by 21% to Rs. 2.96 billion Net interest income increased by 23% Non-funded income increased by 19% Expenses remained flat with a nominal increase of only 0.26% On a consolidated basis, profit before tax is Rs 1.304 billion against profit before tax of Rs 29 million in H1 2012.