A Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam leader of Sadiqabad has termed the increase in electricity tariff an act of cruelty against the poor.

“Because of the inhuman increase in prices during the first two ruling months, the PML-N will have to face the music in the shape of end to its government,” said that JUI’s tehsil secretary general. “The government has laid the foundation stone of its elimination by increasing prices.”

Criticising exorbitant taxes which are included in electricity bills, Hafiz Saeed added that the increasing prices was part of the government’s commitment with the International Monetary Fund. He regretted that the county was already facing unemployment, terrorism, dearness and lawlessness. In addition, the government was hell bent on eliminating the poor by increasing prices of commodities.

He said that his party severely condemned the unabated hike in prices of various items. He also demanded immediate withdrawal of the increase in the power tariff and practical steps to provide the people with early relief.

PPP-292 VICTOR FELICITATED: Local PPP leaders have said that the victory of Syed Ali Akber from PPP-292 in the recent by-elections was a result of the last government’s people-friendly policies. Farhad Ali, Advocate Abdul Raoof, Abid Hussain, Abdul Qadir, Akram and Abdubar told the media that electoral victory of Ali Akbar, brother of former Punjab governor Ahmad Mehmood, is the public success. They also praised the role of Makhdoom family in Rahim Yar Khan during natural catastrophes.