LAHORE - PTI President Javed Hashmi on Tuesday said that public mandate was stolen in the May 11 polls and the incumbent PML-N government was formed with the help of some hidden hands.

Addressing the participants of an Eid Milan Party here, the PTI president came hard on the PML-N, saying public mandate was abused in order to hinder ‘Change’ in the country. He said they not only determined to pursue the agenda of change but also to fight against the status quo forces. He mentioned that only a couple of current cabinet members had resisted the former dictator Pervez Musharraf while rest of them offered their loyalties to become part of his government.

During his address, Hashmi also apologized unconditionally to media owing to PTI workers thrashing on journalists on Monday. He also underscored that PTI would continue its struggle till it achieve its destination.

Hashmi said, “Although our party has committed some mistakes in past but we are determined to avoid such practices in future. The PML-N failed to bring change in 100 days and it would not bring improvement in country during its remaining governance.”

He stated that PTI would hold everyone accountable and the process would be started from its own leadership and workers. He requested workers to maintain unity and discipline in its ranks. He said the PTI would shut all the hidden ways to come in to power so parties like PML-N may not violate public mandate in future. Hashmi said that PML-N leadership would not like to devolve powers to grass root level as they always promote and support one man show and centralization of power among own family members.

He stated that nobody was asking PML-N leaders about the payment of Rs.500 billion of circular debt and how the construction of Nandi Pur project increased from Rs.30 billion to 50 billion. Pakistan must talk with India on equal basis but unfortunately the incumbent government adopted submissive way, Hashmi added.

On the occasion, PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Quershi said their government in KPK would not bow before people who were blackmailing them and would stand on principals with out keeping the greed of government in the province. PTI had proved rigging in general elections with all evidences in White Paper, he said and added that the PML-N leadership who claimed to break bagging bowl were taking loans from international organization to put more financial burden on the nation. PTI wants to establish local government as third tier of government whereas PML-N wants to strengthen its command on the masses through the same system.