KARACHI  - The bodies of three young men were found while over two dozen people, including women and children were wounded in a fresh wave of violence in Lyari on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the law enforcement agencies have remained fail to take any solid action against the criminals as no action or no arrest was being made despite several rocket attacks and firing in various parts of Lyari.

Police said two bodies of young men were found from different parts of Kalakot, Lyari while another body was found from Mirza Adam Khan Road, Lyari. They said the victims were killed after being kidnapped separately from different parts of Lyari. They were shot multiple times and had several marks of torture on their bodies. The bodies were moved to morgue for identification after completing medicolegal formalities at the Civil Hospital.

In the fresh incident of violence in Lyari, armed gangsters attacked the Kutchi community dominated area, Suleman Azad Road with rockets. As result four people, including a minor girl were wounded who were transported to Civil Hospital for treatment.

Earlier, on the night between Monday and Tuesday, around 25 rockets were fired in parts of Lyari in which over two dozen people, including women and children were wounded. The injured were taken to different hospitals for treatment.  The situation later calm down after the law enforcers took positions in the area. They were given shoot on sight orders. Police officials said two groups are fighting to gain control over the areas.