DCO Mansoor Qadir has called upon the Ulema from all schools of thought to forge greater unity according to the teaching of Holy Prophet (PBUH) for the glorification of Islam and safeguarding the integrity and solidarity of the country.

Addressing a meeting of the District Peace Committee which was attended among others by DPO Muhammad Zubair Darashak, ADC Safeena Siddique, DO (Cord) Noman Hafeez, AC Umer Farooq and Ulema of different school of thoughts including Maulana Nasrullah Khan Bhatti, Syed Wasimul Hassan Naqvi, Maulana Muhammad Faisal Nadeem Kailani, the DCO said that Islam taught tolerance, forbearance and it was imperative for all and sundry particularly Ulema of different sects to shun their petty sectarian differences and create traditional Islamic brotherhood to foil the evil designs of anti-Islam and anti-State forces, who were hell bent on pitch Muslim against Muslim to shatter the unity of Muslims. He also urged the Ulema to keep vigilant eye over the disruptive element.

On the occasion, the DPO said that traditional brotherhood and congenial atmosphere created by local Ulema was appreciable and stressed upon them to maintain this peaceful atmosphere in the district.

The Ulema assured the DCO and DPO that Ulema had no difference among them and they would continue to play their positive role for maintaining sectarian harmony to foil the evil designs of anti-State and anti-Islam designs.