Inaugurating an adults’ education centre in Narag Colony, the Punjab literacy secretary said that the Education Emergency Campaign would increase five to eight percent literacy rate in Punjab.

Pervaiz Ali Khan said that the government had launched non-formal education promotion project to increase the literacy rate in the province. The project has been started in 36 tehsils across the province with a budget of Rs1.8 billion, he added. He explained that under the project, an adult would be taught for six months followed by a final examination while a literate adult person would be able to read and write easily and to maintain a little arithmetic account at his own end.

Narang Colony owner Sheikh Muhammad Amjad Narag said that 20 adults had been enrolled on the first day and the enrolment would be increased over 100 within a week. Javed Ashraf Shooka, on behalf of the EDO education of Nankana Sahib, thanked the secretary on the inauguration of the centre.