The Lasbela University of Agriculture Water and Marine Science, Uthal Lasbela was established in 2005. A Master in English program was initiated in 2008 and we were the pioneers. However it came as a surprise for the students that the university had not prepared a format in six years for this degree, which caused a problem. Transcripts were given to the students, which are valid for two years only. After two years, the students must have degrees; unfortunately, we are still waiting for them. We have been reminding the administration but it has gone unnoticed.

This is also negligence on the part of HOD of the English Department, as well as the administration as we are facing problems in applying for scholarships and jobs abroad. I would like to request Governor Balochistan and other important people in authority to kindly look into the issue and provide the students with authentic degrees.


Islamabad, August 20.