ISLAMABAD- Several attempts have failed and several timelines passed. Yet steadfast Dr. Tahirul Qadri and Imran Khan continue with their respective sit-ins in front of the Parliament House.

It was largely presumed that two leaders along with participants of their long marches kicked off on August 14 in Lahore would wear down in three days of their arrival in Islamabad as they were not groomed for fatigue endurance. In contrast, both the PAT and PTI leaders and participants remained in high spirit especially when they moved into the Red Zone on August 20.

The government’s preemptive talks persuading Dr. Qadri and Imran to call off their protest have failed to bear fruits. And now after two weeks, the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif seems desperate. If this situation remains unchanged the government would start losing its ground rapidly.

This is because the government now seems losing patience and its ship is fast heading towards more hot waters. On the other hand Imran Khan and Dr. Qadri who even though appear separate two separate entities, their agenda and conduct is akin. Their posturing has raised many questions in common people’s minds that they have been pitched against Sharifs under a design.

This diffusion continues as part of a conspiracy theory even though there are no apparent signs of any such thing. Still, people at large have started believing that PAT and PTI had come to Islamabad with well-defined agenda and strategy to achieve the desired goals that include resignation of Prime Minister, registration of FIR into 17 June Lahore Model Town killings, investigation into polls rigging and reforms in election related laws.

Despite all including the government and parliamentary parties at the outset seemed quite optimistic that protesters would leave on their own, but it is not happening and will increase worries of the Sharifs. The sit-in, which was supposed to stay for a week, has now entered into its third week till resignation of the prime minister.

There has been at least two occasions during the course of ongoing sit in leaving the impression that some breakthrough between the government and protesting PAT and PTI was on the verge. But, it never happened and now there are remote chances that some breakthrough would be possible without intervention of the power that be.

The government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is getting jittery with each passing day and its strategy to resolve the standoff through talks is fast waning down. The war of nerves has reached its peak late Wednesday as the government has been trying to engage Dr. Qadri at higher level. But Dr. Qadri seems not ready to give in and instead trying to make things worst for Sharifs and their governments at the Centre and Punjab. Both sides have failed to find any common ground to resolve the crisis and it is expected that the situation would slip out from the hands of Sharifs in case protest continues unabated with same enthusiasm and high spirit.

On their part, Dr. Qadri and Imran Khan seem quite relaxed showing that their just demands will be accepted, as they are peaceful and wanted to resolve their issues through talks. But on other hand, neither of the Sharifs also seem adamant to budge from their respective positions.

Neither they seem ready to step down nor they are inclined to register FIR against 21 including two Sharifs and 19 other people in connection with Lahore Model Town incident. Dr. Qadri has announced Thursday (today) as Day of Revolution.

One hopes, a better sense would prevail and the ongoing political crises would be resolved through peaceful means and clash of ego is averted in the larger national interest.