The Indian shelling-hit people have started returning to their houses badly riddled with the mortar shells and heavy bullets by Indian Border Security Forces during the last month.

There was letup in this regard for the third consecutive day after the visit of the UN mission observers to these villages. Thousands of perturbed people from Bajrah Garhi, Charwah, Beeni, Anula, Joyiaan, Khadraal, Umeraanwali, Harpal and Meendarwal in Sialkot Working Boundary’s Charwah, Merajkey, Bajrah Garhi and Harpal sectors had migrated to safer places due to a month-long intensified Indian shelling on these villages.

Local villagers said that the Indian BSF targeted the civilian population by firing heavy mortar shells in these villages. Unprovoked shelling had created harassment and panic among the local people in these Indian shelling-hit Sialkot border villages.

They demanded early financial compensation of the damages of their properties caused by Indian shelling. The perturbed people were found going back to their homes with their cattle and luggage loaded on the tractor-trolleys and donkey carts to Sialkot border villages. According to Chenab Rangers officers, the tense situation on Sialkot Working Boundary was returning to the normalcy. However, the harvesting of the seasonal crops especially the paddy crops could not be started. It remained suspended for the whole month. They were anxious to harvest their standing seasonal crops in the fields.

Meanwhile, MPA Tariq Akhtar Subhain visited these villages. He met with the affected people and extended his heart-full sentiments on the killings of several local people and dozens of cattle heads by stepped up intensified Indian shelling on Sialkot border villages along the Sialkot Working Boundary here. He assured them full support, cooperation and financial compensation of Punjab government in this regard. He strongly  condemned unprovoked Indian firing which targeted the civilian population by openly violating the international rules.