The proposed economic corridor from Gwadar to Kashgar in China will benefit both Pakistan and China. It will especially strengthen ties between the two neighbours and allow Pakistan to derive economic benefit from this partnership. The Chinese Consul General in Karachi said that the Gwadar Port has a very bright future and after becoming completely functional it will emerge as a major economic hub in the region. It will also provide livelihoods to the locals and access to health and educational facilities that are being set up by the Chinese.

In addition the Gwadar Port Authority has prepared a welfare plan and health and educational projects, funded by China’ Overseas Port Holding Company. They have also reassured the local fishermen that steps will be taken to promote the fishing industry, which is the livelihood of a majority of people. We hope progress comes to the area soon, for the people of Baluchistan need to benefit from advances made by the country.


Lahore, August 21.