Education in Pakistan has not undergone any change for the last six decades. It appears to be a listless program doomed by the continuous monotony of the subject and material. Our schools, colleges and universities remain submerged in the colonial era. The imperfections of those age old patterns are now keenly felt and there is need to introduce a radical change in the system. Bad policies of the government towards this sector has made our masses illiterate and the government has no plans to eradicate it.

Our education system is influenced by a number of factors; some prominent ones are low enrolment and high dropout rate at the primary level. The government schools that cater to the poor have a very low and bad standard of education. No class rooms, no furniture or teachers makes these ghost schools. Although the government claims to have taken some steps there is room for a lot of improvement. Most poor families cannot afford books or transport but the government has made no provision to provide these.


Lahore, August 25.