Islamabad - An understanding was reached between Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) and PARWAAN to develop post graduate diploma course on Early Childhood Education(ECE).

The MoU was signed between AIOU and PARWAAN national Centre of Excellence for promoting Early Childhood Education and Development Thursday. Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Shahid Siddiqui inked the MoU on behalf of AIOU while PARWAAN was represented by its President Mehnaz Aziz.

Under the MoU, PARWAAN will collaborate with AIOU in development of course material, training of faculty staff and establishment of a Resource Centre at the University for launching a diploma course for teachers’ training on childhood education.

The objective of the post graduate diploma course on ECE is to equip the graduates with essential professional skills and competencies for early childhood education and upgrade pedagogical skills of practicing preschool teachers. This course will be of one-year duration and will be of 30 credit hours and will fill an important gap of the high demand amongst students wishing to acquire Early Childhood Education and will equip them with the requisite expertise to implement this in their professional lives.

Minister of State for Education Engr. Muhammad Balighur Rehman speaking on the event said the formative years of a child’s life today are being commercialised. Parents are being forced to think that if they do not send their children to school at two years of age that child will not succeed in life.

“Our National Policy, centers of excellence based on scientific research should tell what is the best age the children should be sent to school and that what they should be taught without overburdening their minds,” he said.

Mehnaz Aziz, President PARWAAN in her comments on the occasion said the partnership between PARWAAN and AIOU would cater to the demands of wider audience who wish to polish and enhance their knowledge and expertise in Early Childhood Education. Prof. Dr Shahid Siddiqui in his remarks on the occasion shared the initiatives undertaken by AIOU, which among others included programme for bringing out of school children to schools and the recently started education programme for jail inmates, which is free of cost for them.