LAHORE - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Punjab Organiser and former Punjab governor Chaudhary Sarwar has said that no one can imagine free and fair local bodies’ election in the presence of four election commissioners.

He expressed these views while addressing a seminar on “ECP’s role in the strengthening of democracy” held at Lahore High Court Bar Association on Thursday.

Sarwar said that the PML-N was threatening judges and the Chief Justice of Pakistan should take notice of it. He also called upon all political parties to join hands with PTI against election commissioners.

He said PTI was in favour of change through constitutional and democratic manner instead of unconstitutional manners, otherwise, he said, Imran Khan would have become prime minister quite earlier.

The public lost its trust on the PML-N and Election Commission of Pakistan for holding free and fair election. He said the four provincial election commissioners should be removed even through the Parliament, if required. The incumbent rulers’ failed policies had forced every segment of society to come out on roads and protest.

PTI Chairman’s advisor Abdul Aleem Khan, Shoaib Siddiqui, Umer sarfaraz cheema, Anees hashmi advocate and others were also present there on the occasion.

He said party chief Imran Khan was making one single demand that vote audit be conducted in the four constituencies soon after the general elections in 2013 but the government did not accept his demands and used delaying tactics.

After the tribunals’ decisions in favour of Imran Khan, Jahangir Khan Tareen and Hamid Khan, he said the worst-ever rigging in general elections had been exposed. Now, he said, the whole nation had recognized that why the PML-N government was not ready for vote audit in the four constituencies.