ISLAMABAD - Islamabad has successfully preempted and bulldozed New Delhi’s plot to deface core issue of Kashmir with terrorism in a bid to establish that Pakistan is a terror-sponsoring neighbour.

Islamabad surprised to know about the plot last week when it rejected pre conditions set by New Delhi about scheduled visit of Prime Minister’s Advisor on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz to India for August 23. New Delhi had advised Islamabad that Aziz may not meet Kashmir leaders during his visit to India which Pakistan rejected and insisted to discuss all issues including terrorism during the meeting of National Security Advisors of the two countries.

Consequently, India’s plan was exposed as it only wanted to have talks on terrorism of which Pakistan is itself a victim and had rendered huge sacrifices in the course of its fighting terrorism.

New Delhi had to budge especially in the wake of pressure from the international community including the US which expressed disappointment over India’s approach to sideline other key issues including Kashmir that remains fundamental source of tension between the two nuclear armed neighbours.

This has been possible because of Pakistan’s timely steps and wise diplomacy that exposed India’s real face by mobilising its foreign missions to share Islamabad’s concerns about India with international community including the United Nations.

On its part Pakistan had firmed up a dossier on India’s connection to terrorism being whipped up by its premier intelligence agency RAW to destabilise Pakistan, and Aziz was supposed to share with his Indian counterpart during the now cancelled visited.

Now Pakistan plans to take the Kashmir issue as well as India’s involvement in terrorism across Pakistan during the forthcoming UN General Assembly slated for later next month. “We will keep the UN informed of all issues of concern to Pakistan”, Foreign Office spokesperson Qazi Khalilullah said in his weekly press briefing on Thursday. He further explained that Prime Minister’s speech to the UNGA session has not yet been finalised. However, his speech always contains a reference to Kashmir as an outstanding dispute that needs to be settled peacefully through dialogue.

The spokesperson also reiterated that Islamabad would keep the UN informed about all issues of concern to Pakistan. For example, our Permanent Representative in New York has briefed senior UN officials about the circumstances under which it was not possible to hold the meeting of the NSAs of Pakistan and India. Responding a question, he said as a matter of routine Pakistan’s Missions abroad brief their host governments about developments in our relations with various countries, including India.

To a question about India’s allegations regarding presence of Dawood Ibrahim, the spokesperson said that Islamabad had rejected these allegations in the past that he was not in Pakistan.

In a related development, credible sources told The Nation that the dossier about India’s involvement in terrorism in Pakistan also embodies the list of three dozen of Pakistani prisoners New Delhi had taken out from Afghanistan in 2002 and airlifted them to India.

Sources said these people are being used in one or the other way in state-managed plots of terrorism orchestrated by Indian agencies within India as per the design to establish blame on Pakistan in effort to establish that Pakistan was involved in terrorism in India.

Sources further said that the dossier on India’s involvement in terrorism in Pakistan entails substantive evidence against involvement of RAW in whipping up terrorism across the country.

Foreign Office spokesperson confirmed that Director General Rangers will visit India next month to discuss Indian security forces’ unprovoked violations of ceasefire at LoC and Working Boundary. According to official statistics India has committed more than seventy border violations over the past two months.