So Mr Saif Ali Khan has responded to the Pakistani ban on his upcoming film, Phantom. It is an obvious publicity stunt in order to gain more views and hype on his film. And yes, the hype has been created!

It’s a shame considering he has been one of the most loved actors among the Pakistani audience. What now? Has he thought about the fact that he might lose millions of Pakistani fans? Has he considered how Pakistanis would feel about his so-called “truthful” statements? I’m sure he has. That’s why he’s posted those statements, in order to create more curiosity with regards to the film. As we know, controversy works pretty well for a film, and yes, I’m sure Mr. Khan knows that pretty well himself.

He’s mentioned in his interview that Pakistanis are going to watch his film anyway on pirated DVDs. So if he’s that laid back about the whole situation, then why is he so offended? It’s not like India has never banned any of our films. And why is he complaining if he knew his film is based on a very sensitive topic that holds strong potential of offending the Pakistani audience?

Again, I personally feel it’s all about creating controversy and getting the “political” views across. It’s a shame he had the unnecessary urge to rant about his past films being banned in Pakistan this way. I must say, Mr. Khan, if a Pakistani public figure said something negative about India, I’m sure chaos would’ve ensued and films related to it would’ve been made 10 times, with the highest level of exaggeration and negativity.

On the brighter side, it’s an absolute pleasure to read the comments Pakistanis worldwide have posted all around social media in response to Mr. Khan’s comments. It’s natural to feel upset if someone targets your country, but maybe we should think twice before opening our mouths (or pressing enter), especially if it’s an issue between India and Pakistan where peace has always been an issue, and hatred has always been the preferred option.