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A French novel, which Scarlett Johansson tried to ban from translation, is set for release in the UK next month.

The Avengers actress sued author Gregoire Delacourt and his publisher JC Lattes for defamation in 2013 over his novel La premiere chose qu’on regarde - The First Thing We Look At - about a mechanic who falls in love with Johansson’s doppelganger, Jeanine Foucaprez.

The actress accused them of making “fdraudulent use of her name, fame and image”, and also sought an injunction banning translations or movie adaptations of the novel.

She was awarded damages in the defamation trial last year, but her bid for a ban was thrown out, and the book has now been translated into English and is set for a UK release on 10 September under the new title The First Thing You See.

According to Britain’s The Independent newspaper, four lines about the fictional character’s affairs have been cut and Johansson is not mentioned in any publicity material by British publisher Weidenfield & Nicolson, who sought legal advice before releasing the book. Moreover, actress, Scarlett Johansson appealed that Delacourt made falsified use of her name, reputation, and image to promote the novel. Scarlett charged for $69,302, a court of law. However in Paris, France, the court offered her the victory, but only compensated her with $3,397. Grégoire Delacourt only wanted to show his ‘declaration of love’ as stated in a report by the Inquisitr.

Despite winning the case, Scarlett Johansson seems the one that have lost since the compensation was not even what Scarlett Johansson has been claiming for.

Gregoire Delacourt on the other hand wanted to stress out that it was not an insult for Scarlett Johansson, but rather it was more of showing his highest praise for the actress. Was Johansson fair in her claims? It seems that the actress wanted to retain her dignity thus preventing the book from being published. With the events further escalating to the court, it gives the book free advertising as well.