ISLAMABAD - Pakistan on Thursday said it has asked its ambassadors around the world to inform host countries about India’s sponsoring terrorism in the country, hours after New Delhi opened a diplomatic onslaught by “apprising Australia about Pakistan-sponsored terrorism” on its soil.

“Pakistan’s ambassadors stationed abroad have been instructed to inform their host countries regarding India’s involvement in promoting terrorist activities in Pakistan,” Foreign Office Spokesman Qazi Khalilullah said in a weekly briefing.

“Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to UN has also taken the international organisation into confidence over recent developments between India and Pakistan, including cancellations of National Security Adviser (NSA) talks,” he added.

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The spokesman told the media that the talks were cancelled due to India’s preconditions which Pakistan did not find acceptable. He added that currently there is no proposal under consideration for a meeting between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi.

On the other hand, in a meeting of India-Australia Joint Working Group on counter terrorism, the Indian delegation gave a “briefing to the Australian side on Pakistan’s complicity in various terror activities” in the country and failure to rein in them.

The Indian side, according to media reports, alleged that the three terrorists who had carried out attacks in Gurdaspur that claimed seven lives on July 27 had come from Pakistan. They were also claimed that a terrorist arrested in Udhampur belongs to Laskhar-e-Taiba and hails from Faisalabad in Pakistan. A briefing was also given to the Australian side about the alleged existing terror infrastructure along the border in Pakistan.

Indian media reports said New Delhi was planning to confront Islamabad with all the evidence on Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in India. NSA Ajit Doval was supposed to give a dossier to his counterpart Sartaj Aziz about the failure of Pakistan in probing the 26/11 Mumbai attack case.

Pakistan has already strongly rejected all these Indian allegations and has been calling Indians to provide proof to help try culprits, if any. But, India has been coming with mere allegations and it even did not provide solid evidence in Mumbai case. New Delhi has also been shirking from sharing progress on Shamjota Express bombing in which Hindu extremists killed scores of Muslims.

Pakistani foreign office in Thursday’s briefing also said that the country has issued a travel advisory for Pakistanis to avoid travelling to Middle Eastern and African countries as they are confronting an internal strife by non-state actors.

The spokesperson told the media that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is expected to visit United States this year on the invitation of US President Barrack Obama and dates for the visit were still being worked out. He said Pakistan and US enjoy excellent relations and they discuss all issues including cooperation in the defence field.