Though the World Health Organisation officials are of judgment that mobile phones are a cause for health hazards ranging from vomiting to cancer the Indian counter parts are not convinced with it. They would present their paper only after a thorough study and when would they complete the study is known to none. Cell phone is a convenient gadget which makes life easy and (sometimes miserable too) nevertheless latest research in this direction are not at all favourable. The harmful radiation of microwave frequency or less might cause cancer in the brain. Why can’t one bear in mind the heating property of microwave oven where food stuffs are cooked by passing microwave through water soaked food material? The region around one’s ear contains blood and the microwave from a cell phone in fact cooks the flesh round one’s ear. In addition these electromagnetic radiations create cancerous cells in the brain.

The mobile phone companies by their lavish spending in channels and news papers keep media promoters friendly. And that is why studies adversely affecting the sale of mobile phones are not seeing the light of day.

It is not for the first time warning about radiation hazard is being published. However, this sort of warning became visible with WHO findings.


Karachi, August 16.