Sir, in this modern period the process of education has been moving one of the deepest stage with the development of lots of new technologies and machines. Each student desire to compete with other one for departing himself forward as competitor, so my dear reader, makran is one of the largest division of Balochistan But when we fell down a eye to look out the educational system of makran so in makran in this recent time the students of makran division are lacking their education, because still eighteen century and nineteen century’s methods and books have been being teach and learn. There is not any new manner and technology in their schools, colleges and universities. There is not any constitutions rules in their institutions. Due to the irresponsibly of teachers, the students are not being interested in their education. The exams of eight class till intermediate are being passed by cheating in the presence of examiner therefore, the expectations of all students to cheat during exam as well they don’t make them prepare for exam. On the other hand the environment of their institutions are like a predator to run behind the pray 

So my dear sir, please wake up for that radiculous issue and bring out a bright evolution for educational system and decorate the environment for makran’s students until they know the benefit of education.. 


Karachi, August 11.