KAMALIA - Khalid Ahmed Khan Kharal, a former federal minister of information and close friend PPP founder Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, died in a private hospital in Lahore the other day. He was under treatment for lungs disorder for some days. His dead body was brought back to his native city Kamalia for funeral and burial. His funeral was offered at the ground of Govt High School for Boys No-1, which was attended by thousands of people from all walks of life including politicians.

Later, he was laid to rest in his ancestral graveyard in Kamalia.

Khalid Ahmad Khan Kharal was born in 1938. He was a prominent politician, one of the founding leaders of PPP and a close friend of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He presented Bhutto with hand-woven Khaddar on Bhutto's first visit to Kamalia which Bhutto appreciated and often wore Kamalia Khaddar to meetings and rallies. Khalid Khan Kharal or his son did not contest the 2013 general election instead got elected PML-N MNA Ch Asadur Rehman. Mr Kharal was survived by a widow Begum Azra Khalid, son Haider Ali Khan Kharal, aughter Asia Khurram and six grandchildre