PR LAHORE - Working class held a conference at Bakhtiar Labour Hall here on Moday under the aegis of All Pakistan Workers Confederation (Regd) in order to press the newly-elected government to adopt the national economic & self reliance policy.

Other important demands were also raised in a resolution passed in the meeting of representatives and workers belonging to Wapda/electricity, railways, telecommunications, banks, agricultures, irrigation, PWD, chemicals, textiles, fertilizers, engineers, mines, public and privates sectors etc.

Conferernce was addressed by Khurshid Ahmad, general secretary of the Confederation, who urged all patriotic forces and political parties to strengthen their unity to defeat the terrorism and establish society free form exploitation and poverty and ignorance and winding widening irrational gap between the rich and poor. The meeting was also addressed by Ms Rubina Jameel, Akbar Ali Khan, Ch Muhammad Anwar, Rana Muhammad Hassan, Osama Tariq, Ch Khushi Muhammad Khokhar, Niaz Khan, Yousaf Baloch, Salah ud Din Ayubi and other representatives.

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By another resolution, the Conference called upon the government to raise the wages of the workers employed in the private sectors, industries, trade and backing to at least Rs30,000 per month and pension to Rs15,0007 per month and get implemented the labour laws through independent labour inspection machinery in accordance with ILO Convention No.81 ratified by Government of Pakistan and restore the Fundamental Trade Union Rights of Banking and NADRA and Open Railways Lines and Agricultural workers in conformity with ILO Convention No.87 & 95 ratified by the Government of Pakistan and get used the one trillion sixty billion rupees collected under Workers Welfare Fund Ordinance, 1971 for providing housing, facilities of marriage & education grants to the children of the workers and bring the contract and temporary and daily wages workers employed in the public and private sectors including banks and media on regular basis in accordance with the provisions of Industrial Commercial (Standing Orders) Ordinance, 1968 and get resorted the free medical facilities under Social Security Scheme Ordinance, 1965 to the workers after their superannuation, and remove the anomaly of pay scales of the ministerial staff of federal government in accordance with pay scales of the ministerial staff of provincial governments and hold National Tripartite Labour Conference in accordance with ILO Convention No.149 ratified by the Government of Pakistan which had not been held since year 2011 and introduce agriculture reforms and distribute the state land to landless peasant and abolish the abuse the child and bonded labour and discrimination and harassment against women in the society.