Sim Sim and EFU Life join hands

LAHORE (PR): SimSim, Pakistan’s leading mobile account, has entered into a collaboration with EFU Life for providing life insurance cover to its customers.

This platform is revolutionizing digital commerce growth in Pakistan and has been focusing on providing reliable cost effective services to its customers which is evident from its recent campaign focusing on free funds transfers. The signing ceremony was recently held in Lahore.

The aim of this partnership is to provide customers relief from the complicated process of subscribing and claiming insurance. SimSim will offer a simple and intuitive subscription process using which customers can buy insurance in just a few clicks. It intends to build insurance in the customer journey through various new and innovative ways. Life insurance in Pakistan is often perceived as an extra expense and a tedious task to obtain,however this collaborationaims to change that mindset.

EFU Life, a leading life insurance company, has been a proponent of insurance services being offered over digital channels and is actively exploring different models to incorporate Insurtech in the customer life cycle.

While sharing his views on the collaboration with SimSim, Mohammed Ali Ahmed, chief strategy officer, EFU Life, stated, “We are delighted to join hands with SimSim. Our collaboration is a major step towards the goal of financial inclusion and exploring Insurtech in Pakistan. Through this technology driven platform, our mutual, potential customers will be able to avail insurance in an exceedingly stress-free manner. I’m confident that this partnership will serve to benefit all parties involved but the biggest winner here is most definitely the customer.”

Tughral A T Ali, the Head Branchless Banking at FINCA, said, “We are proud to have EFU Life on board as our partner. Our aim is to provide our customers with a one-stop hassle-free insurance service. We are certain that this partnership will be mutually beneficial for both our customers. Our goal is to provide customers value in all of our products and addressing pain points which include simplifying complicated processes while remaining compliant to regulation. This collaboration is a key step towards achieving that goal.”

KSBL, Pehle Aap hold seminar on CPEC

KARACHI (PR): Karachi School of Business & Leadership (KSBL) along with Pehle Aap (Pvt) Ltd Monday welcomed high-profile Chinese delegates at a seminar on ‘CPEC–The Way Forward’.

The seminar was held at the KSBL campus and was attended by leading members of Karachi’s intelligentsia and representatives of the agricultural industry. It introduced a nationwide agricultural export project, promoted by Pehle Aap (Pvt) Limited. This project was conceived to uplift, source and trigger the export of agricultural products from Pakistan to China and other countries.

In this event, the discussion revolved around services of CPEC and the evolution of China from economic condition similar to where Pakistan stands today, towards prosperity by ultimately focusing on export.

Amar Zafar Khan (CEO Pehle Aap) and Dr Zeeshan Ahmed (Dean, KSBL) hosted the visit of Chinese delegates across Pakistan. They explained that through this project Pakistan’s agricultural, fisheries and livestock output would be boosted by the specialized Chinese companies, sourcing from farmers and exporting to China and other countries. Apart from that, a complete E-marketing and supply chain infrastructure would be implemented by a major Chinese company that has executed similar structures across China. It was also highlighted that with this project the expected potential growth in the agricultural sector will not just benefit farmers and open avenues for skilled jobs for them, but will also make foreign exchange position of both the countries stronger.

The visiting Chinese delegation assessed Pakistan’s readiness and capacity to enter international markets. The project will create prosperity and skilled jobs in Pakistan’s rural sector starting with agriculture, which has the highest potential of growth. This initiative will move on to other industries generating diversified avenues of foreign exchange to country, which is currently plagued with imports exceeding exports, an unsustainable foreign debt burden and rural poverty.

Wu Yongqiang, (Deputy Secretary General, All-China Youth Federation, Press and Publication Sector) was the principal speaker at the event. Along with him, the stalwart speakers from Chinese delegation included Sun Xiangyang (chairman Yangming Technology Investment Company), Yao Zongchang (chairman, Taidi Network Technology Co Ltd.) and Ms Wu Xueqin (legal assistant and translator).