LAHORE - Pakistan FMCG Importers Association (PFIA) has urged the Imran Khan-led government to introduce reforms in customs/import duties while preparing the federal budget for the next nine months so as to discourage ill practices of under-invoicing & corruption and encourage honest importers.

In a statement issued here on Monday, PFIA chairman Anjum Nisar and vice chairman Muhammad Ejaz Tanveer said that higher duties tend to increase the ill practices such as under invoicing while it also increase the menace of smuggling and informal imports.

They, welcoming the new government’s vow to end corruption from all segments of the society and accelerate the economic activities, said that the government should also revisit the decision of the previous government of imposing regulatory duties on a large number of imported items especially the high quality hygienic food items. They proposed that the government should completely abolish the regulatory duty from all the imported items.

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PFIA leadership also urged the government to take steps for snubbing the menace of smuggling with an iron hand and bring back the final tax regime for commercial importers to save them from unnecessary hassles.

They also drew the attention of the government towards a burning issue of withdrawal of open account facility from the importers by the caretaker regime which had created numerous problems for the importers especially for those whose consignments are on their way to the country. They urged that the government should restore the facility of open account.