LOS ANGELES-Kate Winslet is reportedly welcoming movie cameras into her home for her next film. The 42-year-old actress has always been guarded about her family life, but the British actress has decided to break with tradition by opening the doors of her £3.25 million house in Sussex, South-East England, for her new movie ‘Blackbird’.

A source told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: ‘’Kate wants to stay close to home for the sake of her family. She’s been joking about how she won’t have to go to work - work will come to her.’’

The upcoming movie is a remake of the Danish drama ‘Silent Heart’, which tells the story of a family who are gathered together to say farewell to a dying woman.

Meanwhile, Kate - who has been married three times - previously admitted that despite being one of Hollywood’s best-known stars, she’s largely managed to keep her private life out of the limelight.

The actress - who has kids Mia, 17, Joe, 14, and Bear, four - shared: ‘’No one really knows what has happened in my life. No one knows why my first marriage didn’t last; no one knows why my second didn’t. I’m proud of those silences.’’

Kate’s first marriage to film director Jim Threapleton lasted from 1998 until 2001.

The Oscar-winning star subsequently married moviemaker Sam Mendes, but they divorced in 2011.

And Kate is now married to Ned Rocknroll, who is the nephew of the billionaire businessman Sir Richard Branson.