Islamabad - The International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) has dismissed two of its faculty members who had officially lodged complaints before administration to inquire the financial and administrative misappropriations in the campus, including awarding of the degree in absentia to the son of university’s own president, The Nation learned on Monday.

Sources said that the dismissal letters were served to both faculty members after a controversial inquiry initiated in May this year. Officials informed The Nation that the inquiry proceedings were ‘not balanced’ and the authorized officer for the inquiry was given the powers for dismissal in conflict of interest.

“It was more an act of victimization where both the faculty members kept praying from the university administration to conduct ‘fair trial’ for them, but they were suddenly served dismissal letters without personal hearing,” a senior official informed The Nation.    

The dismissal letters with The Nation said Dr. Shahzad Ashraf, and Dr. Hasnain Naqvi Assistant Professors (APs) Department of Computer Sciences FBA, IIUI were served show cause notice dated 02-05-2018 upon severe charges levelled against them “i.e involvement in false and fabricated communication against the image, dignity and prestige of the university as well as the Higher Education Commission (HEC). Being an employee of the university, it is an immoral, unethical and illegal act. Furthermore, the accused in connivance of his few colleagues jeopardized the smooth functioning of the affairs of the university by circulating white paper containing false propaganda which is tantamount to misconduct. The reply of the accused in response to show cause notice was found unsatisfactory. The accused was given an opportunity of being heard but he refused to do so”. On the basis of recommendations of the Authorized Officer in the instant case, the authority has imposed major penalty of dismissal from service upon Dr. Shahzad Ashraf and Dr. Hasnain Naqvi under Section 4(1) (b) (iv), IIUI E&D Statutes 19987 with immediate effect.

The IIU administration had appointed Vice President (HS&R) Dr. Aqdas Naveed Malik as an authorised officer for the inquiry against both faculty members, who served them the Show Cause notices mentioning eleven different allegations and declaring their acts as misconduct against the university disciplinary rules.

The official correspondence between a dismissed faculty member and inquiry officer (seen by The Nation) briefed that the faculty members were showing no confidence on inquiry officer and mentioning their official complaints lodged before the university administration to hold transparent inquires for financial and administrative misappropriations in the campus.

Expressing his concerns, one of the dismissed faculty member Dr. Shahzad Asharaf raised objection that President IIU Dr.Ahmed Yusuf al-Darweish and authorized officer against him Dr. Aqdas Naveed Malik holds ‘personal grudges’ against him as both had been named in the complaints he filed for inquires.

The documentary evidence with The Nation said that Dr. Shahzad Ashraf had written a letter to the rector IIU Dr. Masoom Yasinzai for holding the inquiry of awarding of the BS (Hons) International Relations degree in absentia to the son of the university president.

“An inquiry committee consisting of his sub ordinates has been formed to investigate the illegalities and misappropriation committed and use of influence by the president IIU Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Aldarweish to grant his son BS International Relations degree.

The issue was raised many times which has created personal grudges of President IIU and yourself Aqdas Naveed Malik” writes Dr. Shahzad in his response to the show cause notice.

He also alleged in his response that on his request an inquiry committee was formed to investigate the nepotism, corruption and loss of Rs580000 to public exchequer allegedly by Dean FBAS Dr. Arshad Zia to favor a foreign faculty member from a Saudi university.

The inquiry committee included Dr. Aqdas Naveed Malik, Dr. Saeed Chisti and additional director OIRC Mr. Adnan Khan which was in conflict of interest.

He also mentioned that he had also complaint against the appointment of Dr, Saeed Badshah as Associate Professor (AP) on which another committee was formed but again under the chairmanship of Dr. Aqdas Naveed Malik who allegedly had strong ties with the professor promoted.  

“You were a very close friend of Dr. Saeed Badshah and also a member of the scrutiny committee and selection board which recommended the appointment and grant of 17 increments to him,” writes Dr. Shahzad in his response.

He prayed in his response that “the Show Cause notice and proceedings are initiated just to victimize me for highlighting grave instances of corruption at IIU. Therefore you are kindly requested you rescue yourself from the proceedings as you for the aforementioned reasons are clearly biased and prejudiced against me”.

Dr. Shahzad Ashraf and Dr. Hasnain Naqvi talking to The Nation said that on the recommendations of Dr. Aqdas Naveed Malik we received dismissal letters, while there was no hearing and fair inquiry was held, Dr. Aqdas Naveed Malik and Director Adnan Khan were backed supported by the university administration to sign the dismissal letter.

The authorized officer for the dismissal of both faculty members Dr. Aqdas Naveed Malik talking to The Nation said that all the procedure was done according to the law and there was no biased from his side against them and there was no victimization in the whole process.

Rector IIU Dr. Masoom Yasinzai talking to The Nation said that he is assured that university has done its work fairly and both faculty members would have been given the chance of personal hearing.

He said if the faculty members saw inquiry and dismissal procedure as ‘biased’ they should come to the authorities and file their appeal before Board of Governors (BoG) which is headed by the rector.

He added there are always rules in the service which should be followed and when anyone crosses the certain limit administration has to work under E&D rules.

Rector Masoom Yasinzai also said that the rector office always had conducted the inquiry of any misappropriation raised in the university and action has been taken against responsible.