It is a misconception that a person who is educated does not want to be a farmer. In our country, it is common that farmers are uneducated which leads the agriculture sector, the backbone of Pakistan economy, to a downturn. However, it merely contributed 19% to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and couldn’t fulfill its target in 2018-19. It grew only 0.8% against the target of 3.8% and should unsatisfactory results.

More importantly, if we focus on other countries where agriculture is bold and perform for their country GDP, so we can see that farmers from those developing countries are well educated. We believe that farmers have no connection with education. Well, a farmer not only needs to know how to grow rice but also how to know the law demand and supply as well the quality of rice and how rice is grown well. Because of the slow growth of major crops such as cotton, rice, and sugarcane, the agriculture sector couldn’t perform well in 2018-19.

Thus, the government of Pakistan should make several programs and teach formers the best ways to have worthy results.