ISLAMABAD   -   A delegation headed by the President Sight Foundation of Sri Lanka Iftikhar Aziz, and Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Pakistan Noor Deen Shahied Tuesday called on Senator A. Rehman Malik at his camp office.

The delegation briefed Senator Malik about the Sight Foundation donation of eyes’ cornea to Pakistani corneal blinded people.

Iftekhar Aziz told that he was the President of Sri Lanka-Pakistan Friendship Association which was established 64 years ago and stood as one of the oldest friendship associations between two countries.

He said that Pakistan Friendship Association had positioned itself as a constructive platform, dedicated to bolster the bilateral relationship between the two sides.

He said that so far the Sight Foundation had donated 25,000 eyes cornea to the people of Pakistan and would be enhancing the numbers further.

He emphasised that at the first hand the donated corneas might be provided to the government hospitals where poor people used to go for their medical treatment.

In a joint media briefing followed by the meeting, Noor Deen Shahied Sri Lankan High Commissioner termed the donation of cornea as a gesture of goodwill for the people of Pakistan.

He assured the people of Pakistan for constant support from Sri Lankan Sight Foundation to help reducing the corneal blindness in Pakistan.

He affirmed his commitment to the noble cause and hoped for the extension of the cooperation in similar fields to assure the availability of the cornea.

Malik highly appreciated and thanked Iftikhar Aziz for the sacred job of donating the corneas to the people of Pakistan to restore their eye sight.  He said that he was glad to know that Sri Lankan Sight Foundation was helping the poor people in Pakistan and that with restoration of their eye sight.

He added that by such extraordinary revered efforts by Sri Lankan Foundation would further boost and strengthen the brotherly relations between the two countries.