Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said Pakistan has not taken any decision to close air space and this decision will be taken by Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan.

He said this while talking to the journalists outside NADRA office Wednesday during his visit to NADRA.

He held India is vitiating situation in Occupied Kashmir by defying UN resolutions. Curfew is in place in Occupied Kashmir since the last 23 days and Kashmiris are facing acute shortage of food and medicines therein.

He remarked “India says the situation in Occupied Kashmir is normal. Then UN observers should be allowed to visit Indian held Kashmir to review the situation and present their report thereof to UN.

The way British national Pakistan boxer Amir Khan kept on moving freely in all over Azad Kashmir, the UN observers should also be allowed to review situation in Occupied Kashmir freely, he stressed.

He underlined world has woken up by seeing blatant violations of human rights in Occupied Kashmir. The opinion of international media has gone against India. India has said it is their internal matter even then UN Secretary General has given statement.

He pointed out that as many as 14 petitions have been filed in Indian Supreme Court (SC) on the situation of Occupied Kashmir and Indian Supreme Court has issued notice to government in this background. But it is now test of Indian superior judiciary either it succumbs to the pressure or they give decision freely. Because if Indian SC sees its old decisions and high court decisions then it will come to know that a very clear position has been given to Indian held Kashmir in Indian law and constitution.

To a question he said Pakistan has been extending invitation to India for dialogue on Kashmir since one year and PM asked India to take one step forward and Pakistan will take two steps forward. But our offer was construed as our weakness.

He regretted that Indian forces have kept Kashmiris under siege since the last 23 days. Now any question of talks stands ruled out. First of all India should lift curfew from Occupied Kashmir.

To a question he said Pakistan has good relations with Saudi Arabia and we are grateful to Iran that they gave a forceful statement.

He said PM Imran Khan will address UN General Assembly session on September 27 and he will rise as voice of Kashmiris therein.