Born in Wazirabad in 1933, Munnu Bhai was a prominent columnist, poet and playwright of Pakistan. A firm believer in the power of truthful journalism and free media, he wrote regular columns for Urdu newspaper “Jang” for many years. He also wrote such memorable plays for PTV as “Sona Chandi.” Besides, he also wrote poetry in Punjabi. Throughout his works, he raised voice for the promotion of human values, rights of the poor and against the undemocratic forces in the country. Along with literary pursuits, Munnu Bhai was also an activist who took an active part in the revolutionary struggle against General Ayub Khan’s dictatorship. He was also patron in chief of Sundas Foundation, an organization which supports children suffering from Thalassemia. In 2014, he donated his library to GC University Lahore in appreciation of Universities’ services for the promotion of drama and literature. He died in 2018.

With increased censorships on media, we miss the critical, humane, honest, towering voice, writing of Munno Bhai more than ever today.

“Only a rich people’s Pakistan had emerged

in 1947. Only the feudal, traders and aristocrats had gained independence then. The Pakistan of the poor has not come into existence yet and they have not gained independence so far.”

–Munno Bhai